The World of Mega Mansions in Los Gatos

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Without a doubt, los gatos houses can be luxurious, gorgeous, and simply humongous. Today we are admiring this extraordinary mega mansion in the heart of los gatos, complete with a tennis court, a huge swimming pool, and, of course, a luxury lighted jacuzzi. The whole vibe of this architectural marvels reflects that of a movie, with it’s sleek and modern windows, roofs, and even staircases. In this video, we get views and photos from every corner of this ridiculously glamourous home.

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Palm trees decorate the mesmerizing exterior of this home, bringing the California feeling whichever way you look. The organically-shaped pool hosts a diving board and an indoor seating area, perfect for outdoor parties and get togethers. This inside of this mansion is just as luxurious as you would imagine. With a gorgeous view, an elegant fireplace, and plethora of trendy furniture, this home is straight out of a magazine. Did I forget to mention that the inside is a minimalistic artist’s dream? Trees are planted tastefully in some corner of the home, with the home boasting a skywalk and an entire conference room.


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