Three Beneficial Custom Molded Products

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Businesses have always been competitive, that is the nature of the beast, but the existence of a global economy turns that basic competitiveness into something alarmingly intense. This focus on competing globally has a number of effects on business practices. One such area is the physical production of a company’s product prior to being released. The search to find cheaper methods and options sometimes leads to inferior products that may be recalled, or it can lead to the effective use of more environmentally friendly technology. When a company find they must make a complicated part a whole lot of times, they order custom molded products. These are plastics made by mold according to a specific need or vision. They are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and can be made quickly, the perfect qualifications for a cost focused business. Consumers, however, want to know something else though: how has it beneficially effected them. In answer, here are three everyday products made through custom molding that have a positive effect on the lives of consumers.

  1. Child Safety Caps: In America, just over 80% of adults take at least one medication and 29% take five or more. Any parent can tell how the heart jumps into the throat when a small child somehow gets their hands on a bottle of pills, and the relief when the plastic closure held.. All toddlers would do the same thing if they got it opened: swallow them. As a result, child safety caps are vital in pharmaceutical packaging, and a representation of the good possible from custom molded products.
  2. Custom Ear Plugs: Many industries and activities involve noise levels that are outside of the safe range for people. This can occur for musicians, construction workers, or anyone firing a gun. Although ear plugs have existed for a long time, at home custom plastic molding now allows consumers to make a mold of their own inner ear, making a much more effective, and thus safer, ear plug.
  3. Medication Dosage Cups: In a study at Cornell University, researchers found that participants either underestimated by 8% or overestimated by 12% when dispensing medications. People have usually heard the term overdose enough that it is an understood danger. An underdose can also have catastrophic results because the medical condition the medication was prescribed for is not being treated with not enough medicine in the system.

The custom molded products industry constantly expands, filling both vital concerns and passing needs, from child safety, to plastic bottles of water. That amount of diversification makes it a powerful technology and something to watch in the future.

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