Three Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Lapping Machine

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Industrial lapping machines are essential to the creation of parts used everyday in automobiles, optics, sewing machines and more. At there upper limit, some of these incredible machines can create a flat surface down to 30 nanometers, but they have a wide use of industrial applications, especially for ceramics. There are many different specifications to think about when purchasing a lapping machine for your company. Below are the are three main factors to consider.

Consider material applications

A single side lapping machine can be applied to a wide range of materials including but not limited to metals (automotive, mechanical seals, etc.), electronics (ferrite cores, switchgear), ceramics (water pump seals, chemical seals), watch parts, and carbon. The materials that you and your company are working with should be of top consideration when investing in a lapping machines. For example, if you are working with ceramics that require edge-to-edge flatness, a diamond band is a necessity.

Consider the kind of machine you need

The ideal lap plate for a single side lapping machine would of course be diamond, the hardest material, which therefore produces the most accurate and uniform shape. However, there are also plates made of less expensive abrasives such as SiC depending on the degree of accuracy you require.

Lapping machines also come in a range of sizes, from the kind that can fit on a tabletop to 72″ plate configurations, which are used to accommodate the size and strength of the materials you want to work with. Think about the size of the materials you are working with before you invest.

Consider any special attachments

For example, your project goals might require lapping extremely small items (from 3″ down to around 3 millimeters). In this case, you will need a lapping jig to clasp the material while it is lapped and polished. A jig enables you to be exact, with absolute control of item orientation, load adjustment and removal.

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