Three Methods of Direct Advertising to Attract New Customers and Maintain Your Brand

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As a business owner, you’ve probably arranged displays of marketing brochures, business cards, and other information for your customers, so they can get to know your products and services. But these methods of advertising are only effective once your customers are in your retail space — so how can you get them in the door first? Besides some marketing staples, like having great website SEO and knowing where to place your print and media advertisements, there are several methods for attracting customers to your business. One of the most popular is to use direct mail advertising, especially for local businesses.

Why use a direct mail service? Two main reasons: 1. It can bring new customers into your store, and 2. It can keep both new and existing customers engaged with your brand. You can also choose from a wide range of direct mail samples to find the appropriate style and design for your mail advertisements. Let’s take a look at some of the choices you may have when you choose a local printing company to create your direct mail campaigns.

  • Direct Mail Postcards If you’re looking to get new customers into your business, keep it short and sweet. Use small bits of info to advertise sales or other promotions in your store. This can be valuable for new customers to get them to come in and for previous customers who may want to come back.
  • Direct Mail Letters By mailing letters, you can send more in-depth information to your customers to keep them engaged with your business. There are plenty of direct mail samples and templates that you can choose from for letters. This longer format works well if you have a specific product or service to promote, too.
  • Direct Mail Newsletters Using newsletter printing services is a great option if you have loyal customers who want to stay updated. Newsletters are perfect if your business has plenty of news to share and new products and services to introduce on a regular basis. However, all businesses could benefit from having newsletters mailed out (and you can keep extras in the store for customers to grab on the way in or out the door).

If you think your business could benefit from mail marketing, be sure to ask an advertising agency for their direct mail samples to see what they can offer you. Want more direct mail marketing tips? Leave a comment with questions or suggestions. Reference links.

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