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Three Tips To Help You Find Better Sales People

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Tons of people seem like they’re interested in a career in sales and marketing, but when it comes down to being able to keep these people employed in the same sales jobs — or even just at the same company — there aren’t so many people these days who can say that they’ve stayed at a company for a long time and/or would never plan on leaving their current place of employment.

In other words, when you’re hiring sales people, you don’t just need to find new employees who will fit well in your company’s environment and will bring valuable aspects to your company; you need to find people who are passionate about what they do and who see their own success as part of the company’s larger success.

Yes, that makes the hiring process seem just a bit more complicated. But if you keep your mind open and you know which traits to look for in an applicant, you might just find that you’re hiring better sales people who stay with the company and ensure its success. For starters,

So now the conversation is up to you — what tips do you have for someone hiring sales people? What things would you suggest to avoid in the hiring process? Be sure to share your own tips and tricks with us in the comments section!

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