Three Ways to Transform Your Website from Classroom Straggler to Grade A Student

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What grade would a teacher give your website? Ten years ago, even if your website struggled to keep up its C average, you probably could have gotten a decent share of hits. Competition wasn’t so high, and what competition there was, was similarly floundering. Today, though, the top websites have hunkered down to study and anyone getting the top clicks has a website that would receive top marks.

Did you know that about 40% of businesses still do not have a website? There tends to be a wide range in how well small and large companies alike have adopted to the internet. The online age is upon us, though, and even if you don’t sell much online, studies show that simply the ability to find information about companies online influences where consumers ultimately make their purchases. Are you looking to study up on ways to improve your website? Here are three tips for taking it from the stragglers to the front of the classroom.

1. The Old Approach to SEO is More Than Outdated

“Can you create some keyword heavy posts for me so that I have great SEO?” A question among these lines is common for SEO marketing agencies to hear. Business owners sometimes fail to realize that the world has moved on from the internet of 2005, and it’s moved on quickly. Today, the best SEO marketing agencies have an in-depth understanding of the Google algorithm, and much of what they do will actually not be on your website at all. Rather, they’ll be creating content with inbound links coming back to your site. This makes your site seem more relevant — something the Google algorithm prizes for rankings.

2. Don’t Pay Peanuts for Web Design Prices

We’ve all heard about the would-be clients who try and pay for web design with “you can do it for free, for the experience.” It might be tempting to try and get a less-experienced student to do your website design for you. But think of it this way: if you needed surgery, would you feel comfortable using a doctor who was working on you for free, because they wanted more experience? Your website might not be life or death, but it’s an incredibly important asset for your business that you shouldn’t be handing off to just anyone. When you pay industry standard website design costs, you get a competitive product worthy of your company’s quality.

3. You Need Online Web Design for Mobile Devices

Did you know that 70% of tablet users have shopped for something with their device over the past 30 days? People are more likely to check websites with their phones and tablets than ever before. If yours is too hard to see, or takes too long to load, they’re not waiting — they’re leaving. Work with a mobile website design company to ensure maximum exposure.

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