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Shipping can be expensive. This is true for the person or business who is doing the shipping and for whoever receives the packages. Finding ways to save money on shipping is in everyone?s best interests. Whether it is finding cheap bubble mailers for packages or reevaluating what company does the shipping, costs need to remain as low as possible. Given the fact that more than 30% of people who shop for back to school items and nearly 50% of all college students buy their books and supplies online, this is something at the top of many people?s to do lists for the year.

Tips for Less Expensive Shipping:

  1. Take the guesswork out of shipping. Invest in a postage meter. These have scales to weigh your packages so you do not overcorrect and add too much postage. The savings may seem small at first but they really do add up. If you currently bring your items to the carrier and have them weigh everything, this is one way to save that time as well. Having your own in house postage meter will pay for itself by saving you as much as 20% on shipping costs. This can help you see how much you are saving with cheap bubble mailers vs. heavier ones.
  2. Consider consolidating. If you have shipments that are more than 150 pounds but less than 20,000, you might be able to work with a freight consolidator. They can combine your shipments with those of another client and save you both some money. By combining your shipments with another company?s, the service can put together a full truckload and save everyone some money in the process.
  3. Compare different shipping companies. Keep track of how your current carrier does in terms of cost and client satisfaction. Factor in their customer service, to you and your customer. How they treat your customers does directly impact you. You may even want to ask your customers what they think of the service. If you have repeat customers, ask what they think and give them a coupon for their responses. This can give you a good idea of how well they are performing.
  4. Work with your carrier. Many carriers have small business experts to help you map out your shipping plans. Working directly with your carrier to more effectively plan your shipping can cut your costs in this area by as much as 40%. These conversations can be about the best way to ship your products. Maybe shipping by ground will save you some money but maybe it will not. Talk to other carriers about their rates and see if you are getting the best bang for your buck.
  5. Be clear about your shipping policies. If your standard shipping is free and is three day ground shipping, let your customers know that. If they can get faster shipping for a fee, tell them that as well. Make sure all of your staff knows what your shipping policies are. This will make dealing with customers a much easier experience for everyone involved.
  6. Buy your shipping supplies in bulk. You can get bubble envelopes wholesale. The same goes for printable sticker labels. Buying cheap bubble mailers can make a real difference when you are buying a large quantity.

These tips are helpful for anyone shipping. Many people are buying and shipping their own school supplies, which can be very costly. Sure, you can save money using cheap bubble mailers, which protect the items being shipped without adding too much to the cost but there are other ways to save money. Given that the average costs of back to school supplies is about $700, every little bit of savings can help. Millennials expect to spend more than $900 this year alone so those savings matter. Now, millennia’s are expected to spend more on electronics than on numbered dividers or getting spiral notebook graph paper but every bit of savings is helpful.

From buying bulk mailers to dealing more closely with your shipping carrier, there are ways to save money without sacrificing quality or customer service.

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