Tired of the Old Kitchen Layout? Redesign for a Refreshing New Look

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Sometimes, if you find your restaurant in a slump, the best thing to do to shake things up is to utilize those restaurant kitchen design layout ideas you have been tossing around, and get a remodel. I know, it is not that simple, and it certainly is not cheap. But a new kitchen can revitalize a chef, especially if he has a say in the design so that it is the perfect layout for him, which will then revitalize your food and your menu.

  • Open Kitchen
  • The first option that you can choose for you restaurant kitchen design layout is the open kitchen. Even the fanciest of restaurants in places like New York City and Chicago are offering open-kitchen views to their patrons. This is no flat-top and grill design from a diner, though.

    These are well thought-out, highly executed interior design ideas for kitchens. By strategically placing all of your tables and your kitchen appliances, you can create a show-like, entertainment experience for your diners, without adding any unnecessary, undue stress upon your kitchen staff. With how rock star chefs have become, it may be a good thing for your patrons to see the cooking team in action.

  • Closed Kitchen
  • Or you can go the safe route for restaurant interior design ideas, and opt for a closed kitchen. There is nothing wrong with this, by any means. A lot of restaurant atmospheres just do not call for an open kitchen.

    By having a closed kitchen, one designed by you and your head chef, you can perfectly craft a masterpiece of mechanics. Your head chef will know how far away tables should be from cooktops, where pot and pan holders should be located, and even have the best idea as where to put kick pans and the dish pit. If anyone should have input in the layout, it should be the guy who spends more time in the kitchen than you do.

  • Combo Kitchen
  • Then again, you can go with the newest craze in restaurant design, the combination kitchen layout. You can have a part of the kitchen that is open to part of the restaurant, you can even have a part of the kitchen that is closed off, save for a few tables for very special guests located inside the kitchen itself. The more novel the design and layout, the more buzz you can create around it.

Are you considering changing your restaurant kitchen design layout yet? It could be just what you and your staff needs in order to really successfully hit the big time with your restaurant. Think about it some more and talk to your head chef. You just may determine it to be the best course of action.

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