Top 3 Reasons to Give Shipping Containers New Lives

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The world is increasingly consumer driven. We make, ship, and sell goods and then repeat the processes. This is great for businesses. However, steady avenues of transportation is crucial in the world today. So many goods are moved around the world each day. They can be moved by train, truck, plane, and ship. All this transfer of goods means that used shipping containers are available. Used shipping containers, steel cargo containers, and storage containers can find new lives after their shipping days are done. Here are 3 facts about shipping containers.

1. The bottom line matters. It still makes financial sense to ship high volume goods by ship and 95% of the world?s cargo is moved by ship. Shipping containers can hold a lot of goods and a ship can hold a lot of shipping containers. For very large items or items with a high quantity, transport by ship still makes the most sense.

2. There are so many containers available. The number of shipping containers in circulation is 17 million with over 5 million active at any given time. All the shipping containers combined make 200 million trips per year. Think about all the good that can hold and transport and durability of the shipping containers.

3. Life at sea is dangerous for the containers, too. Each year, nearly 700 shipping containers get lost at sea. These shipping containers sink to the bottom of the water, Lost and never to be seen again. It is a sad fate and an unavoidable one. Between human error and weather on the open seas, no ship can hold onto everything.

But shipping containers can be so much more after their shipping days are over. Companies now specialize in storage container modifications. These used shipping containers can now become houses, offices, climate controlled containers, and even storage facilities. If you buy used shipping containers, you have a number of possibilities. You can add windows, doors, electricity, plumbing, technology, and all the conveniences that your home or office needs. With regular maintenance, a shipping container can last 20 years or longer. So buy used shipping containers and give them a new life after their shipping careers are over. The purchase will last a long time to come and you can get the shipping containers modified to suit your needs.

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