Transportation Industry Services From Specialty Freight to Expedited Shipping

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The transportation industry performs a vital service by safely transporting various types of cargo throughout the world. There are almost 12 million means of conveyance that perform these much-needed services. Rail cars, trains, trucks, and vessels carry a variety of items through a complicated transportation network.

The United States freight transportation system in particular moves a considerable amount of valuable commodities. This includes electronics, machinery, and motorized vehicles. Pharmaceuticals transportation is also listed among the most valuable commodities that are transported. Expedited freight is often needed for pharmaceuticals transportation, trade show shipments, and other types of specialty freight.

In order to transport ground freight within the United States, commercial motor vehicle drivers are needed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stated that there roughly 5.9 million of these drivers are operating within this country. In 2013, the trucking industry alone transported roughly 15 billion tons of cargo. There is, however, expected to be an increase in the amount of tonnage that will be transported. By 2040, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that this amount is expected to reach 18.79 tons.

While the amount of tonnage is expected to increase, the length of haul, has declined, as reported by the president of SJ Consulting Group, Satish Jindel. Over a five-year period that transpired between 2011 to 2016, public truckload carriers reported there was a four percent decrease in the average length of haul.

While the length of haul has slightly decreased, the value of the freight being hauled is expected to increase. The United States Department of Transportation reported that by 2040, the per-ton value is expected to amount to $1,377.00. This is a considerable increase, as in 2007, the per-ton value was just $882.00.

Does your company need to have products, machinery, or other materials delivered? As you may be aware, e-commerce has made an impact on the shipping industry. Less-than-load shipments have become even more prevalent. Given this, it’s not surprising that this market’s value is currently estimated to be worth $35 billion. Whether you have a full truckload, less-than-truckload, or smaller parcels to deliver, your needs can be accommodated, which includes expedited shipping services.

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