Ultimate Buying Guide for Cable and Rigging Products

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A wire railing system is a great addition to any residential or commercial building. It’s particularly a preferred option nowadays thanks to excellent versatility and enhanced aesthetics. Even though a wire railing system is pretty easy to install, it’s still vital that you maintain or safeguard your safety and that of your staff during installation. You can achieve this by getting quality parts for installing wire railings. Such parts include, deck toggles, and other cable and rigging equipment.

How to Choose Cable and Rigging Equipment

Falls are the number one cause of death in the construction industry. As a business owner, the last thing you need is to start court battles because you did not provide your staff with quality safety equipment. In that breath, ensure you consider the following factors while shopping parts for installing wire railings.


One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for cable and rigging products is durability. This important because your safety, as well as that of your staff, depends on the equipment you are using. Hence you need high-strength equipment, especially when you are working from high heights. The good news is that parts for installing wire railings such as adjustable chain slings are often extremely durable.


Given the increasing popularity of wire railing, there is no doubt that your business will be receiving more of wire or cable railing projects. When you do, you want always to be ready. That is, have the necessary wire railing parts to help you complete the project in a functional and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing manner. Therefore, when shopping cable and rigging products, you should opt for a highly versatile product.

Resistant to Harsh Surroundings

Since they are in most cases used outdoors, parts for installing wire railings, are often exposed to a diverse array of damaging conditions. Therefore, besides durability, versatility, and other factors that we will discuss, it’s important that you also only go for a product with excellent resistance to harsh weather as well as environmental conditions. This way, your workers won’t have to worry about their equipment getting damaged when exposed to certain weather and environmental conditions for a prolonged period.

Easy Maintenance and Repair if Needed

You also want to invest in a wire railing part that offers you service with little to no maintenance.This is because while maintenance helps prolong the life of your wire railing parts, it also results in downtime. So before you make up your mind, make sure you enquire about the maintenance level of that particular product.

However, keep in mind that even the best wire railing parts are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, you want to invest in a product that can easily be repaired if damage occurs or if the need arises. The good news is that most cable products are often easily repairable. For instance, in an adjustable chain sling, if an individual chain gets damaged, it can easily be replaced with a new one, and the functionality of the entire sling restored.

Why Wire Railings are a Popular Option Nowadays

As mentioned earlier, wire railings are nowadays a popular option thanks to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. But other than that they also enable your clients to;

Preserve the View

Most home and commercial property owners nowadays prefer wire railing over other types of railings. This is because they offer functionality and aesthetic appeal, yet at the same time give them unobstructed views.

High Durability and Low Maintenance

While cable/wire railing systems can withstand hundreds of pounds of force, they are also quite easy to maintain.

These are characteristics that property owners are always on the lookout for during initial building or remodel projects.

Enhanced Safety

According to statistics, staircase accidents are the second leading cause of accidental injuries. That said, property owners are continuously on the lookout for a visually appealing, durable yet safety-enhancing railing that they can use. Wire railings fit these criteria, which is why they are considered an excellent addition in most spaces nowadays.


The immense benefits of wire railings mean that the demand for your installation services is set to go up. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in quality parts for installing wire railings so you can smoothly take up any opportunity that comes your way.

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