Water and Chemical Tank Liners for the Safety of All

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Underground tanks are available in many different markets, requiring tank liners to help protect the products inside from the chemicals in the soil or to protect the groundwater from the chemicals stored inside those tanks. Almost any underground tank needs a liner of some sort to help protect against the movement of chemicals back and forth. One of the most common locations is the water tank liner that can safely protect against chemicals making their way into your drinking water.

Underground Tanks Require Liners

To start with, almost all water tanks are created from steel, with the need for them to protect the water systems that make their way into residential homes and commercial buildings. Many different tanks, in addition to water systems, require special linings in order to help increase the life of these tanks and the service they will make for different companies. Some of the specific chemical liners that are included with these tanks include:

  • Plating tank liners
  • Water trough liners
  • Water storage tank liners
  • Chromium plating
  • Chemical tank liners
  • Concrete water tank liners
  • Electroless nickel tank liners
  • Gas tank liners

Many underground tanks can hold water, chemicals, and fuel. They also require specific types of linings that can provide protection all around. All these different tanks have a lifespan of about 20 years, but the products they hold, as well as the soil in the ground where they are installed, can alter that amount drastically. Therefore, linings either inside or out are important to the storage of water and other products.

Water Storage Tank Liners Needed in Certain Locations

Many different locations store different chemicals, fuels, and other products that may not be required to follow EPA guidelines. Even some of these hold well over 1,000 gallons of fuel or other chemicals, and without the requirement to follow regulations there may be companies that are not lining their tanks when it would be most helpful. Now, there is an even longer list of chemicals and products that are required to all follow EPA regulations, which include these water storage tank liners included in the risk management plans that must be submitted to federal regulators.

So, there is much to gain with the different underground tanks that are able to store water, chemicals, fuel, and many other products. However, there is always the concern that the water stored may be affected by the chemicals in the ground outside, or that the chemicals may leak out into the soil. Therefore, water storage tank liners are needed in some manner for almost all tanks that store these products for both homes and companies everywhere.

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