What Every Digital Company Should Know About the Card Not Present Transaction Process

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Chargeback protection for ecommerce

Business has never been better for digital merchants. It’s estimated that every 30 seconds, global e-commerce generates $931,490 through desktop sales and an additional $269,863 in mobile purchases.

Unfortunately, those enormous volumes of sales carry with them a high risk for fraud, since they almost always involve a card not present transaction process. In 2014, payment card fraud losses totaled $16.3 billion worldwide, and some 12% of all credit or debit fraud cases begin with an internet site as the initial contact point.

Here’s what you should know as a digital business owner to protect you and your customers from fraud throughout the card not present transaction process.

Verify as much information as you can.
Even if you’re not shipping any physical goods, always ask for phone numbers and addresses. This helps prevent thieves from easily using other people’s information to pick up their digital tabs.

Always keep accurate records.
Some fraud occurs when customers falsely claim that they didn’t receive goods purchased. Maintain detailed accounts of every transaction and every shipment so that you’ll be able to defend yourself against inaccurate chargebacks.

Be a conscientious business owner.
You can still establish relationships with your clients, even through the Internet. That way, if you notice unusual or suspicious activity from a regular customer, you can freely check in to make sure there’s not something sinister going on.

Consider additional security software.
If you’re a one-man show or a small team, keeping up with every single card not present transaction process payment might be more effort than you’re willing to dedicate to the job. There are plenty of software systems out there today to help keep track of records for you to help ensure secure payments every time.

The digital age doesn’t have to mean that personal connection gets zapped out of your business dealings. And while digital thieves might be getting more sophisticated, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep right up with them.

Keep your commerce safe on both ends by protecting yourself against unwarranted fraud with some basic know-how and precautionary measures. The credit line you end up saving might be your own!

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