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What Happens When You Don’t Shred Your Paper

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If you haven’t heard it before, you need to hear the story of Brian and the importance of paper shredding services. Brian was p well respected in his company and even on his way to having a secratary to take care of his administrative tasks when it all came crashing down. Like many business, Brian’s company still did the vast majority of it’s business on paper. Brian, however, refused to fill any of his time with the task of onsite document shredding. He figured that he was too important to spend his time doing that. If the higher ups wanted things shredded, they ought to be hiring a document shredding company.

What Brian didn’t know is that he was posing a huge threat to his business. He assumed his actions didn’t leave them vulnerable to fraud because “that stuff only happens online.” Much to his surprise, just 10% of fraud happens online! Since Brian didn’t see himself fit to do paper shredding services, his entire career went awry.

A competitor was able to get ahold of paper that was mishandled to learn important information about Brian’s clients. Meanwhile, his competitor was smart enough to use document storage companies to avoid this problem. When Brian’s company found out, he tried to play dumb. “I had no idea what documents can be destroyed,” he said. But the damage was done.

Protect yourself and your business with paper shredding services or you could wind up like Brian: unemployed and outsmarted.

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