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Shrink sleeve packaging

When packaging a product, one of the most important steps is labeling the package. Packaging labels contain all the pertinent information such as brand, ingredients, user instructions, and serving size, so leaving them off could have serious consequences. Finding the right commercial labeling to fit the product can be difficult. The most popular commercial labels are shrink sleeve labels, cut and stack labels, and in mold labeling.

Shrink sleeve labels are made of a thin tube that is placed around the package, then heated so that it shrinks and molds to the package shape. Shrink sleeve labels are best for strangely-shaped packages and metal beverage cans. Most shrink sleeve labels are made of recyclable material, so they don’t need to be removed from the package before it is recycled. Shrink sleeve labels are often environmentally-friendly, both in production and in the process used to attach them to the packaging.

Cut and stack labels are usually paper, though they can be thin plastic as well. These labels are die-cut to the appropriate shape, stacked, then fed through a machine that adheres them to the packaging. Often used for soda bottles, cut and stack labels can be glued across the entire label or with a small line of adhesive at the edge. Cut and stack labels are efficient to manufacture and use, making them a great choice for products that need to be pushed out in a hurry.

Lastly, in mold labeling is used to adhere a label to only one portion of the package, instead of wrapping it around the item. A label is placed in a plastic injection mold machine, and the packaging is manufactured to fit the label. In mold labels are frequently used on laundry detergent and automotive fluid bottles, and on certain food containers. Many manufacturers choose in mold labeling because it does not require a separate machine to manufacture or adhere labels.

No matter what labeling choice you choose, it is certain to be the best fit for your product and brand.

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