How Companies Trick Consumers Into Spending Money

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Product packaging labels do more than just inform the consumer what product the packages contain. With bright colors, cute logos and large text, commercial labels are a crucial part of a company’s branding. Packaging labels are often used to influence consumer behavior, often by encouraging them to purchase a specific product.

Some of the best examples of labels influencing consumer behavior are actually labels influencing consumers not to buy a certain product. Studies have shown that graphic depictions of unpleasant imagery on cigarette packs impact the consumers’ drive to smoke. In other studies, signs warning of the health impacts of sugary beverages influenced teenagers to purchase juice instead of soda, and customers who were able to view nutritional information when eating out ordered meals with fewer calories.

One of the easiest ways custom product labeling can influence a consumer is through the strategic use of color. Red and orange are active colors, increasing the viewer’s heart rate and urging them to take action. For this reason, they are often used to designate clearance sales. Green is a soothing color, often used for relaxation products. Because of its growing association with nature and freshness, green is becoming a popular choice for food packaging labels.

Other things that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions are font choice and legibility. Consumers prefer commercial labeling that is easy to read. In addition to clear fonts in large print, consumers want facts about the product to be informative and to the point. They don’t just want to know that a product is fat-free, they want to know why fat-free is better. Giving consumers the information they want in a convenient manner will be more effective than any advertisement available.

While many manufacturers would like to sell their products by the products’ merits alone, they are quick to embrace the influential power of creative packaging. References.

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