Why You Should Choose Heat Shrink Sleeves to Label Products

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Designing custom product labels is one of the most fun parts about running your own company. Deciding which colors, fonts, and information will go on commercial labels allows you to really influence your brand’s design and message. Of course, custom product labeling means nothing without the label manufacturers who create the packaging with your design on it.

Currently, heat shrink sleeves are the most popular type of commercial labeling available. Heat shrink sleeves are capable of holding vibrant colors and molding to the shape of any container. Whether your product comes in a tall, thin bottle or a short, wide box, heat shrink labels will be able to fit.

Heat shrink sleeves manufacturers are able to produce thousands of different labels without changing the printer’s set-up in between designs. This makes heat shrink sleeves an efficient and economical labeling choice. Heat shrink labels are printed on environmentally-friendly film, and containers with heat shrink labels are able to be recycled. Because heat shrink labels are able to form to most container shapes, they are often applied without harmful adhesives.

Because of their unique container-molding properties, heat shrink sleeves need to be designed with allowance for the images to warp and contract as the label is applied. Heat shrink sleeves manufacturers recommend running several tests of the label before the design is finalized, to make sure all text is legible and images have not been excessively stretched or distorted.

Heat shrink sleeves are an incredibly versatile labeling choice, and, because they can be placed on many different containers, can help a company build its brand without having to invest in a separate label for each product. Whether you need to label a metal can, a glass bottle, or a strangely-shaped plastic box, printing a shrink sleeve for each product is easy and sustainable.

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