Beer and Burners What You Need to Know About Industrial Burners

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Metal melting furnace

“Beer is living proof,” Benjamin Franklin once said, “that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Indeed, the Founding Fathers (Franklin especially) loved their beer. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson brewed their own beer at Mount Vernon and Monticello, respectively, and reportedly served it to their guests. Much has changed since the American Revolution, though beer remains just as popular — if not more so. Today, breweries are churning out beer at a phenomenal rate. The recent popularity of craft beers has only increased America’s thirst for the perfect cold one. The majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery. Furthermore, more than 3,000 breweries operate in the U.S., a new record!

In order to satisfy America’s bibulous tastes, breweries rely on industrial gas burners and furnaces to brew what they brew best. Industrial burner manufacturers are also quite busy churning out ovens, vats, kettles, furnaces, and other equipment for breweries to use. Beer manufacturers, however, aren’t the only ones that use these kinds of burners. Not by a long shot.

In general, heating, boiling, melting, and otherwise broiling materials is an essential part of many industries. Most of the products we buy and use everyday were made in part by this process or are composed of things that were. In fact, nearly 95% of commercial manufacturers and businesses use at least one kind of oven or burner. Industrial gas burner manufacturers are certainly in no danger of losing demand.

From brewing beer and cooking burgers to building aircraft parts and plastics, industrial burners are a cornerstone for American (and global) industries. Without them, we would be unable to enjoy many of the objects we now take for granted. And perhaps most importantly, we would be unable to drink beer.

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