What is AMS 5510?


Stainless steel that is designated AMS 5510 is a way to standardize the properties of this thin sheet metal, thin metal strips or thin steel sheet within the industry. Standardization is very important because it sets a standard that suppliers must meet. It helps consumers of the goods to choose the right type of metal for their project.

Stainless Steel, What Is It?

Stainless steel is a manmade metal. You may see it sold as 302 stainless, or 304 stainless, or AMS 5510. The designation of the AMS 5510 indicates the alloys that are used to create the stainless steel. AMS 5510 has titanium, chromium and other alloys in the metal mix.

Iron is mixed with carbon to produce steel. In the case of stainless steel that is anti-corrosive other metals are mixed in as well. Some of those metals can be chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and aluminum. The type of alloy is what will determine the performance of the metal, and expected tolerance, tensile strength, and more.

How Many Metals and How Much is In the Mix

In the case of AMS 5510 one of the featured alloys added in is titanium which makes it a bit different from say 302 Stainless. How many alloys are mixed in and what type of alloys are mixed in at what ratio will determine how the end product is classified.

AMS 5510 is among the strongest and most resistant of the stainless steel types. It is a durable metal that can withstand a great deal of heat and exposure to corrosive elements. It is favored in any building industry that wants the utmost in reliability and protection.

Learn More About Your Options

Connecting with a supplier that can spend a little time with you explaining the differences in the metal standards and categorization can help you to make an informed decision about your material needs. There is a lot to learn about the different types of metals, alloys, and which is best for different applications.

A trusted supplier is an absolute must to ensure you are getting the metal materials that are manufactured using rigid industry standards that are in place. Connect with the right supplier and get the metal materials you know you can depend on.

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