What Kind of Storage Containers Do You Use the Most Often?

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Safety glasses cases

Storage tubs. Pill containers. Ammo cases. Utility boxes.
We leave in a world of full of stuff, and stuff to organize our stuff.
From made in USA clamshells for leftover foods to thermoformed packaging for specialty cupcakes, the world we live in is full of containers. The temporary containers fill our trashcans, overflow our dumpsters, and crowd our landfills. Reusable clamshells and other kinds of small utility boxes, as well as clear plastic food containers explode from our cupboards and slide out of the storage shelves under the kitchen sink. And even when we think that we have every kind of container that there is, we still end up with an item that does not fit. It is too tall, too wide, too heavy. And so we look for something else that will work better, will be more resilient, will hold more of our things.
The times, however, may be changing. In a time when the world is growing increasingly concerned about the environment and the impact that we are having on it, an entire industry is dedicated to the development of green packaging options that can be used for a variety of purposes. Instead of made in USA clamshells made of plastic, for instance, innovative companies are working to create storage containers of all sizes and for all purposes that will be more friendly to the environment.
The container industry is a thriving part of today’s economy, and given the fact that we seem to be a society that is obsessed with collecting things, it is an industry that will be continue to be in great demand. Most of the packages that we use are common and are easy to identify. The fact that some packages are so universal that they can be used for things as diverse as carrying cupcakes and storing crafting materials means that although these items seem simple, they have actually been carefully thought out and well designed by a product specialist who had many uses in mind. A specialist who has helped a company make a lot of money, just for the purpose of holding our stuff.

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