What Makes Campground Franchises a Good Investment

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UPDATED 11/11/20

In determining if you should buy campground franchises versus start your own business, it’s important to know what you want to achieve in the long run. If you hope to do business in your hometown or establish a new venture, you should start your own business, but if you want to sell your business to franchisees and expand to other cities, you should likely start a franchise. S a franchise example provides both the flexibility and capital you need to set up shop without having to take on all of the business risk. It is worth considering, especially if you are unsure how far you want to expand about franchise business, to find some franchise law experts. You probably don’t want to own 100% of a franchise, but some franchisors allow you to buy into the company so you don’t have to control everything. If you want to do both, then you will be in the minority. Franchisors offer incentives that make the costs of buying into their franchise acceptable to start, purchase and sell. Make sure you have your head in the game and are familiar with your partner. Not all franchisors are the same, so be sure you know all of the information upfront before signing up. There are a few things you should think about before deciding whether to buy a franchise. Before you decide to buy into a franchise, you need to look at your family, your income, add franchise fees, and the state of your business before you commit. Some family members may want to keep their day jobs in addition to owning and running the campground franchise, but in the end, all franchise business is good business, as long as you run it like your own company.

Camping is the great American pastime. The majority of campers head for public campgrounds, where they expect to find basic facilities for camping, cooking and cleaning. For real estate and business investors, a campground franchise can be a sound and enduring investment. Campgrounds offered for sale by owner can be rebuilt and reimagined to suit the changing needs of campers and RV vacationers.

Campgrounds offered for sale by owner
Family campgrounds are a popular destination all year round and especially in the summer. As many as 60% of all U.S. households have some members who enjoy going camping. Most people who camp choose to do so in public campgrounds, usually not too far away from home.
About half of those who go camping travel less than a hundred miles to get to their destination. Family campgrounds are a popular choice, which also makes them a good investment. When campgrounds are offered for sale by owner, they can be converted to franchises with all the advantages that go with affiliation with a national and well known name. Campground and RV franchises have years of experience in the industry and in providing the facilities and services that campers are looking for in a campground.

What do campers want?

Campers are looking for basic facilities, for tent camping or RVs. Kid friendly campgrounds are in high demand, as is access to free wifi. Cooking and cleaning facilities also make the camping experience much more fun.
Affiliation with a national franchise gives family campgrounds and rv parks access to their data on market needs as well as solutions. Campgrounds and rv parks offered for sale by owner can be reimagined to meet the changing needs and tastes of campers.

RV friendly campgrounds
RV franchises are a good investment, since RV vacations are very popular. There are about 30 million RV enthusiasts around the country, including those who rent their RVs. The total revenues of the more than 12,000 RV-related businesses come to over $37.5 billion.
This makes RV franchises a good investment for those seeking entry into the leisure industry. Those investors looking for their next entrepreneurial pursuit might want to pay attention to campgrounds offered for sale by owners. Turning these into a franchise is not just an investment opportunity but a chance to get involved with a rewarding sector of the leisure and travel industry.

As the popularity of camping and RV vacations continues to grow, campgrounds and RV parks for sale by owner make an attractive investment opportunity.

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