What Managed Print Services May Do For a Client

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Despite the rise of the Internet and other electronic communication such as cell phones and e-mail, paper still stands as a standard method of communication for businesses big and small today. Often, marketing and advertising can be done with the assistance of managed print services; that is, printing companies that have business clients that they provide for, and managed print services can offer a wide variety of materials such as inkjet cartridges, poster paper, color laser printing, and much more to create financial reports, poster ads, flyers, memos, and much more for a client company. Managed print services may sometimes represent a substantial part of a company’s total expenses, but managed print services can offer better products for a better price than if a company attempted this work in-house, and printer repair can be done anytime a printer is having trouble during daily operations. How can managed print services and their products be beneficial to a client company? What sort of products might they make?

The Power of Paper

The Internet, social media, e-mail, and related electronic communication has not made paper obsolete here in the 21st century. In, fact, in certain regards, paper is seen in a new light, and it may sometimes even be a welcome alternative to electronic media. For many years, paper has been a standard for communicating with consumers and other business professionals, and the many established techniques for paper communication are still effective today. It could be said that today, paper is more effective because the Internet has become so prevalent. It is possible to get burned out on the Internet, or fall victim to those who exploit it.

Comprehensive managed print services can do a lot for a client company, and this will include direct mailing services, where customers receive paper mail about new products, services, deals, and more. Paper mail is often highly trusted, and it can make a stronger mental impression because the paper can be held in a person’s hands and they can even smell the paper, which appeals to the human body and mind’s senses in a natural way. E-mail, by contrast, is often a source of stress for many people, partly because e-mails are much more common than people would like. That is, a person may receive many e-mails in a day that are practically meaningless or useless, such as e-mails from forgotten subscriptions. Many people today are unhappy about their cluttered and confusing e-mail inbox, but paper mail does not usually present this problem. What is more, there are those who exploit e-mail systems by mailing junk or scam mail that may even infect a person’s computer with a virus or spyware once the e-mail’s attachment is opened, or if links embedded in the e-mail are clicked on. This and other cyber-crime can make people wary of most electronic communication, but this is never an issue with paper mail, posters, or flyers. No piece of paper could ever transmit a computer virus or spy on a person’s Internet activity.

Hiring Print Services

It is clear that paper still has a lot of potency in today’s digital world, and something similar could be said about signs, such as billboards or posters inside a shop. Physical signs and papers have long since been designed by marketing research to appeal most to the human mind and how consumers think and act, and for advertising, print media can easily do the trick once a client company hires the right printing service. In-store posters can promote an upcoming deal or new item, or even special events such as a live book signing. Paper flyers can quickly spread awareness of a local event like a charity race, or memos can be used in the office. All of this calls for managed print services, which have the right printers, ink, and paper to make any sort of printed product. And if supplies for printers run low, or if a printer gets damaged, printer repair crews can be hired locally to fix the problem or provide fresh ink cartridges or special paper for making flyers or a poster. A company could search for “copier repair Miami FL”, or “colored ink cartridge supplier Burlington VT”.

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