What Online Video Advertising Can Do For Your Business

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Thanks to the internet, companies no longer need to rely solely on print or television ad campaigns. Although using these methods is a great way to draw in some customers, it just doesn’t have the reach needed to appeal to more tech-savvy demographics or keep current with the most aggressive of modern advertising campaigns. Those who want to take their web advertising to a level beyond display (banner) ads and pay per click (PPC) text ads should consider working with a digital advertising agency that can provide a superior level of video advertising.

What is video advertising? Video ads are playable, embedded content that can either be displayed on their own as mid-page units on an existing page, or they are automated videos that play before, during and/or after a streaming video presentation on the internet. Two good examples of this are the advertisements that occur before some videos on YouTube and those that play before and during streaming TV shows and movies on Hulu. Many news websites also use these video advertisements before their online news segments.

How does this help your business to gain customers? For one thing, these ads are seen by a wider demographic of users who view online content any time and anywhere, not just at a specific time on only one television station, for instance. A report by BroadbandTVNews.com states that video advertising accounts for a significant portion of streaming video traffic on the internet. For users who watch streaming video, 12.8% of all videos viewed online in 2010 were advertisements. That same year, 1.2% of all minutes spent watching video online were devoted to advertisements. The report also pointed out that 84.1% of US internet users watch streaming video online, and with those numbers, you can see that this is a far greater percentage of users who can see your advertising online rather than anywhere else.

Video advertising is the best way to reach a large amount of customers in as short a time as possible. Best of all, since the ad’s viewers are already online, they can click links or perform a quick search to find your company’s website and learn more about your products and services instantly. Work with an online marketing and advertising firm to find the best video advertising options for your business and take your advertising into the twenty-first century. See this reference for more.

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