What to Know About Investing in a Fixer-Upper Property


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Are you part of the 27% of Americans who believe investing in real estate is a smart financial move? Even if you do believe it might prove to be an excellent investment by giving you property for rent, the process of buying a house is already a stressful affair. Adding in the further complications of choosing a decent house in a good neighborhood for the right price can make even the most enthusiastic would-be investors turn away.

In one Better Homes and Gardens survey it was found that 30% of participants would be more willing to make an investment in property for rent if they had guidance from a professional. If you find yourself interested in home rental property management, here are a few things you’ll need to know.

How Do You Predict Home Desirability If You Can Only Afford a Fixer-Upper?

Buying a home and turning it around as an enticing property for rent can be daunting. There is always the chance that the financial endeavor will not become as fruitful as you had originally hoped. The trick is to find the right location, as everything else can be adjusted.

Why Does the Location Matter So Much in Residential Property Management?

The reason why the location of a house is the first consideration before purchasing is due to people’s desire for safety. If a neighborhood makes potential renters feel unsafe, they won’t want to rent that house. Conversely, a neighborhood with low crime rates, clean streets, and a close proximity to highways and shopping centers can actually boost the asking price for a house, which can trickle downhill to an increase in rental fees.

Yes, You Can Buy a Fixer-Upper, But Know Your Limitations.

If you are a skilled construction worker, your options are increased when it comes to making adjustments to a home. However, even in that scenario it is vital for your bottom line that you remember your total budget and stick to it. For those real estate investors who lack any home remodeling experience it is even more important to not exceed the budget as they’ll need to add in labor. Skimping on labor fees can result in slapdash results. When in doubt, pay an experienced professional for less overall work on the house and leave some aspects unchanged. Poor quality work always makes itself known later, meaning you very well might end up paying for repairs later.

Real estate can be a worth-while investment, but it is not a good endeavor to undertake lightly. Creating property for rent can be a challenging undertaking, and in rental management your duties will never cease. That’s why it is a smart move to seek guidance from an experienced professional when planning your first investment property.

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