What to Look For in A Used Spray Foam Rig

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A spray foam systems rig is a big investment. But considering that 40% of any building’s energy is lost to holes and bad filtration, and spray foam insulation can change that, getting a spray foam trailer is a great idea. If you’re buying used, which is often the most cost effective way to get a spray foam systems rig, what should you be looking for?

Common Issues With Used Spray Foam Rigs

If you buy from a source that isn’t reputable, you could end up with problems like these:

  • Error codes you aren’t ready for
  • Parts that you might assumed had been regularly replaced—like motor brushes—haven’t been and are failing
  • Hardened isocyanate in the hose or heater

How to Buy Used

If you’re ready to get a spray foam systems rig, here are some things to check before you buy.

The Hoses

Both the supply hoses and the re-circulation hoses should be clean and malleable. Any crunching sound means that debris has hardened within the hose and may even have gotten in the heaters.

Ask About Winterizing

It matters a lot how the machine was stored when it wasn’t in use. You should know what kind of solvent was used to clean it. When it was flushed, what cleaner was used? What type of hydraulic fluid?

Look at the Model and Serial

Make sure you know exactly which model you have and what the serial number is. This is important so you can check that all the parts you’ll need to maintain the machine are still available.

Know Your Needs

Whether you’re buying used or new, you need to make sure the rig will be adequate for your needs. When you’re getting a used spray foam systems rig, you may not get the peak performance out of it that you would with new spray foam insulation equipment. It pays to buy something a bit bigger than you anticipate needing.

The Wrap Up

If you’ve seen a rig you’re interested in, it never hurts to have a en expert come in and give it a thorough look. If you haven’t gotten one before or don’t know all about how they work or are maintained, get an expert eye on the subject just to make sure.

Once you’ve found the rig you want, it’s just a matter of getting the right training, having good safety equipment for using it, and then getting to work!

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