What You Should Know About The Transportation Industry And Its Recent Growth

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The industry of transportation, from trade show logistics shipping services to LTL freight services to even expedited freight services, has been in a period of continual growth here in the United States. For many people all throughout the country, the transportation industry provides much needed services – and highly valued jobs, too. As a matter of fact, more than five and a half million people are employed as drivers throughout the industry, using the more than 12 million vehicles now used within this industry to transport goods and products from one half of the country to the next.

And it’s not just jobs that are on the rise. After all, the impetus for the creation of more and more jobs in the field of transportation lies within the growth of the shipment of goods and products itself. And this growth is expected to continue for quite some time, reaching nearly 19 billion tons of cargo shipped per year all by the time that we reach the year of 2040. In stark comparison, only around 15 billion tons of cargo was transported throughout the year of 2013, showing considerable growth over the span of less than three decades.

And it’s not just the actual amount of goods that are being transported. In addition to this, the actual value of said goods has been found to be increasing as well. Back in that same year of 2013, a ton of cargo would be worth around $882, give or take. But over the course of the next two decades, that mount will increase until a single ton of cargo ends up being worth as much as $1,300 or more.

But what is really behind this growth, all kinds of it? For one thing, the world of e-commerce has made services like less than truckload shipping more valuable than ever before. As a matter of fact, less than truckload shipping on its own has been found to be worth at least $35 billion – but this is most certainly a number that is on the rise. In addition to this, services like the typical expedited shipping service have become more valuable than ever as well, as people want their goods – and want them fast. And e-commerce itself is nothing if not on the rise. After all, it also brings in a yearly revenue of more than $420 billion – a number that is, again, only climbing with each and every year that passes us by.

And as widespread as e-commerce is, e-commerce is not the only cause behind the growth in the world of transportation. In addition to this, trade show logistics have become more important than ever before. With the growth of trade shows, trade show logistics have even become something of a necessity. And as anyone working in the realm of trade show logistics can easily attest to, trade shows have certainly become ever more popular throughout the years. In fact, trade shows are held in convention centers, of which there are now more than 250 located all throughout the United States. Trade show logistics are likely to be most important in the states of Nevada, California, and Florida, as it is in these states that convention centers are most frequently found. But trade show logistics and the trade show shipments that trade show logistics provide for are most certainly growing in popularity and necessity not just in these states but all throughout the United States in their entirety.

From trade show logistics to less than truckload carriers to even pharmaceutical logistics, there are a great many facets to the world of transportation as we now know it – at least here in the United States. In the years that are ahead of us, such things are only likely to continue to grow, with everything from trade show logistics to basic specialty freight services becoming all the more sought after and important. Therefore, revenue is likely to increase, as will the value of shipping services, tons of cargo, and even of the jobs that are filled by people all throughout the country. There is no denying how much we need this industry.

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