When You Work Remotely From Home


The good news for job seekers today is that work options are more varied and flexible than ever. While it is a common paradigm to work at an office full time and commute there and back, some job seekers are taking work from home insurance jobs, call center careers, dispatcher positions from home, and more. Why take work from home insurance jobs? This is not out of a fear of commuting, but rather, remote jobs like these are very convenient for job seekers who cannot easily visit an office every day for work. Not only that, but work from home insurance jobs and remote call center jobs avoid the noise and ruckus of a crowded office, making for easier phone conversations. After all, work from home insurance jobs and the like often use the telephone, and a noisy environment makes for bad work. Meanwhile, these flexible careers for moms may be a great choice for single parents who can’t easily leave the kids home alone for work.

The Power of the Phone

There is no doubt that the Internet is a vastly powerful tool for communication, from entertainment and news to email, business, and advertising. But telephones, a technology dating back to the 1870s, is far from obsolete. Most often, American businesses today make use of both computers and the phone, and to great effect. Many studies are done to see how employees and consumers alike like to communicate, and it is boundlessly clear that phones are central to how sales reps and customer service reps interact with other parties. In any business, telephone service makes up a large part of the sales funnel, and most consumers like to speak with company reps by phone. According to a recent survey, some 61% of consumers prefer the phone as a channel of communication, and 60% also said that they like to communicate by email, while live chat came in third at 57%. After all, a person may naturally have an affinity for an actual human voice in real time during a conversation.

Sales technique and phone conversation skills are a whole topic on their own, but suffice to say, good sales performance by phone greatly boosts a company’s income, and poor performance over the phone may result in major losses. Even dedicated customers, let alone new ones, may get offended by poor phone service and hang up, leaving for another company. What might go wrong? Poor sales technique may be to blame, but excessive ambient noise may also be an issue. Excepting those employees who are working in a sound proof phone booth, office employees are surrounded by their co-workers, who are also talking by phone or having in-person conversations. All that noise adds up, and an employee may get frazzled and distracted, and their stress levels and work error rates go up. This can lead to poor sales technique, and the ambient noise makes it difficult for either party to hear each other by phone. But all of this can be avoided with work from home insurance jobs and the like.

Work Remotely

Working remotely is easily viable thanks to telephones and the Internet, and some employees may do this either out of preference or out of need. Some office employees may relocate their work supplies to a home office in their residence, furnished with a desk and chair, a computer with Internet access, a fax machine, a telephone, and more. Someone who works remotely in such a setup will enjoy a quiet and controlled environment, meaning that they can offer excellent phone service all day without interruption. Not only that, but the remote worker may avoid the germs and bad air often found in offices, and thus avoid sick days. Live video chat and Cloud storage will keep an employee fully connected, too.

Such remote phone or Internet jobs may also appeal to job seekers who already have a job or college career, and thus need a job with flexible hours to fit into that schedule. And as mentioned earlier, single parents may take these jobs so they can work and look after young children at the same time. Americans with transportation issues or serious social anxiety can also make use of remote jobs like these.

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