Which Digital Load Cell Works for Your Project?

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Measurement tools

Together, humans are able to achieve incredible feats of construction: from the Great Wall and the pyramids to bridges and skyscrapers, human ingenuity seems to have no limitations. There is nothing more important in the construction and engineering industry than making sure your instruments and measurements are accurate. Getting poor readings not only impacts the final product, but can ultimately lead to a delayed production. Instruments are typically calibrated by comparing the instrument against a pre-set instrument during testing, so that both instruments will perform identically in the end.

How Torque Wrenches Changed the Industry
The torque wrench was developed by Conrad Bahr in 1918. Bahr was working for the New York City Water Department at the time, and wanted a faster, better way to apply torque to pipes. Today, torque wrenches are an industry staple, giving engineers and builders the ability to quick secure bolts and remove nuts. Thanks to a variety of heads and designs, there ought to be a readily available torque wrench for any job. Much like the steam engine and the light bulb, the torque wrench has established itself as an industry-changing innovation that is used by millions of people each day.

Digital Load Cells
When measuring force and impact readings, your surest bet is to go with digital load cells. There are five types of load cells that depend on both the primary and secondary elements used to measure force: strain gauge type load cells, hydraulic load cells, diaphragm load cells, spool type load cells, and ring type load cells. The hydraulic load cells have the added benefit of being able to continuously operate at temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius (or -76 degrees Fahrenheit). Finding the right digital load cells for your project is essential to get accurate readings.

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