Who Do Your Customers Get to Talk to When They Call Your Business Number?

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In a world where digital technology is so important, it might surprise you to know how effective a simple phone call be. Sure, there are GPS maps on people’s cell phones and there are posted hours of operation on website, but there are still a number of consumers who want to be able to make a phone call and find out a specific piece of information.

How late can you arrive at your favorite and still be served before the kitchen is closed?

How many of the patriotic driveway pinwheels do you have in stock that can be picked up today?

How fat is your hotel from the closest family friendly bike riding trail.

If you run a business you likely know that even though you post a lot of information about your business on your website, you still have customers who have questions. No matter how often you update your latest clothing boutique inventory, you still have clients who want to know what kind of fabric that Easter romper is made of. For all of these questions, and many more, it is important to provide a telephone answering service that can provide the answers. Even if you are a very small business and cannot always get to the phone because you are working alone, there are ways to make sure that your telephone answering service has a script to ask all of the most commonly asked questions.

In addition to providing real live answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, a business answering service can also handle other more difficult questions. By assuring a calling customer that they will find the needed information, in fact, you may get a reputation of being the place to call whenever a customer is in immediate need of a particular good or service.

Empathy and Emotion Are Important Aspects of Any Customer Care Service

Some of the most basic commercial answering services do not always provide the detailed information that a customer may need. For that reason it is important to work with a call answering service that is willing to go above and beyond the normal script. In fact, heavily scripted calls may not be the best approach, because they can eliminate two essential elements of customer service experience: empathy and emotion.

Although it may seem more expensive to work with a service that provides more customized options, it is important to remember that many people are willing to pay more for this kind of attention. In fact, 66% of consumers indicate that they would be willing to spend more with a particular company, as much as 13% more, on average, after they have had a particularly excellent customer service experience. Finding the right telephone answering service can help you grow and maintain your business.

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