Why a Good Building Will Have Thick Insulation

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A modern home will have a number of utilities and features in place to make it a comfortable and price-friendly place to live, from its plumbing and sewage disposal to its electrical outlets and heating and air conditioning. Some of these utilities work better when paired with good hardware in the home, and this is especially true for the heating and air conditioning, or climate control. Such climate control is easier to regulate when the home has proper insulation in its walls and attic, as this foam may prevent warm air from escaping in winter and keep cool air in the house during spring and summer. If a home has thin or missing spray foam, a homeowner may launch their own spray foam project to get more spray foam insulation put in place. They may get spray foam guns that emit spray foam chemicals for smaller jobs, and spray foam insulation equipment rental is always an option. An interested homeowner may search “spray foam insulation equipment rental Boston MA” or “spray foam insulation equipment rental near me San Diego CA” to find something local that they can use. For larger jobs like a newly built office building, however, spray foam insulation equipment rental also involves hiring professional crews to get the job done.

Climate Control and the Electric Bill

It should be noted that spray foam is connected to the heating and cooling utility, which in turn is related to how high a homeowner’s electric bill is going to be. In the average American home, the HVAC system is using up nearly half of the home’s power, so if this utility is being overworked or strained, then this drives up the electric bill fast. Better climate control and insulation will have the opposite effect, allowing the heating and cooling to rest since the home regulates its own temperature. Spray foam in the walls and attic will get this job done, and having window blinds to block hot sunlight and fixing drafts in the windows or doors will also help keep the climate control steady. If the foam insulation has worn thin, or if it’s entirely missing, the home will leak warm air in winter and cool air in summer, meaning that the heater or cooler will have to keep turning back on to compensate for this. That utility is using up a lot of extra power in the meantime, so good spray foam insulation can help the homeowner avoid this costly situation entirely. The same is true when drafts are sealed and window blinds or drapes are installed.

Putting in the Spray Foam

For smaller household spray foam projects, the homeowner may buy some spray foam equipment or turn to spray foam insulation equipment rental to get the job done. A homeowner may even cut open a square in their drywall to access the open space inside, and there, they can apply spray foam to the inner wall as needed. They may also put spray foam in their attic, where there will be plenty of open space to work. What is more, skilled homeowners may even use that hole in their drywall to create an access panel for future use. That is, the drywall will have a hatch that can open and close, giving the homeowner access to the wall’s interior to check on or repair pipes, spray foam, and electrical components alike. A contractor may be hired to help install such an access panel if the homeowner doesn’t have the skills or tools to do this alone. Safety is important, as airborne spray foam chemicals may harm the eyes and lungs. So, a homeowner may simply use a respirator and airtight goggles to avoid these hazards without any trouble. Professionals may even use full-scale body suits during big spray foam installation jobs.

For larger projects, a full-scale spray foam crew will be called upon, such as when an apartment or an office building is almost done being constructed and it needs a full layer of spray foam all over its interior. Such crews will have large rigs that may be delivered by truck on a trailer, and they can expertly apply enough spray foam insulation for the entire structure.

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