Why Coffee? Four Reasons This Industry Has Your Dream Job

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If you’re looking for a career, you should look closely at opportunities in the coffee industry. You might join the best coffee beans home delivery company, become an artisan bean roaster, or work as a barista at a coffee shop. There are many other opportunities as well.

When you work as a barista at a coffee shop, you’ll have to learn how to use advanced equipment, such as a professional coffee machine. You’ll also learn how to make different drinks and handle customer service.

If you land a job at the best coffee club delivery in town you might learn how to roast beans, package coffee, make deliveries, handle supply chains, and more. You’ll also answer customer questions like can you order coffee for delivery or do you have a coffee bean online store?

Companies that provide coffee beans home delivery services often produce the best beans and coffee. Once you’ve had a great cup of artisan coffee, it can be hard to go back to cheap grocery store brews.

A career in coffee often offers flexible schedules and given how popular coffee is, you can enjoy stable employment too. There are also opportunities for advancement. You might land a franchise opportunity or take over managing a coffee shop.

Given how many opportunities there are, a career in the coffee industry is a great choice for many.

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Did you know that coffee beans are actually the pits of a type of berry? They’re only known as “beans” because of their resemblance to beans, rather than any relation. When picked, the seeds are typically a lighter color that darkens to brown during the drying and roasting that allows them to be brewed into their distinctive beverage.

Coffee is a huge worldwide industry, with over 20 million people employed in its distribution — from farmers to baristas. Coffee, in its unroasted form, is one of the world’s most traded commodities. It’s not a bad industry in which to look for a job. Here are four reasons coffee is a great industry to find employment in.

1. Openings For All Sorts of People

The coffee industry has room for all types, whether you’re working through college or finding your second-wind after a 10 year long career in finance. For people who are great communicators, the position of a barista is ideal. For those who relish giving orders, openings in management or even ownership will be more conducive.

2. Better Schedules

Did you know that about 40% of people are “morning” people, functioning well with schedules that begin early in the day? This often makes the coffee industry a good choice. Shifts will typically run from early morning until evening, but rarely include the midnight shifts night owls would enjoy. The coffee industry, because of this set-up, is often more conducive to parents who want to focus on family time, since the important business hours are early in the day.

3. Anticipated Growth Makes Layoffs Unlikely

Although education is a widely employing industry, it’s a shrinking one as well. Coffee, on the other hand, is growing and will likely continue to grow. The Wall Street Journal notes that consumption in the U.S. right now is actually at half what it was when it peaked back in 1946, indicating that the coffee cup can still be filled with more potential revenue for smart businesses who figure out how to fill the various niches. Another point in coffee’s favor is that it has rebounded in sales as formerly popular sugary soft drinks have been in the decline.

4. Franchise Opportunities

Not everyone wants to enter an industry with no business plan in hand. For coffee, there are multiple franchise options available so as to ensure that your shop is selling a winning combination. One up-and-coming choice is the mobile cafe franchise. Mobile coffee vans are popular for owners because they have a smaller initial investment, and have the potential for consistent, long-term profit. Mobile cafes can often penetrate markets that traditional cafes have had trouble reaching owing to zoning limits.

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