Why Phlebotomy Training NYC Is A Great Idea


Certified nursing assistant nyc

The medical field continues to explode with opportunities in almost every area. Obtaining specialized phlebotomy training NYC, in addition to other types of training such as home health aide training New York and certified nursing assistant training nyc, makes an individual a much more valuable employee no matter which employer they choose to work with. In addition, phlebotomy training NYC allows the individual to have the flexibility they need to choose where they want to work.

Obtaining a phlebotomy certification NY, in addition to other training like Cna training nyc, gives these individuals an added skill. Most CNA classes in New York do not offer phlebotomy training nyC as part of their regular curriculum. When a patient needs phlebotomy work in these cases, a specially trained phlebotomy technician must be brought in to complete the task. When an individual has phlebotomy training NYC, however, the need to call that extra person in is eliminated.

The value of an individual with phlebotomy training NYC is rewarded handsomely. Today, the average salary for a New York City phlebotomist is $37K per year. In addition, having this training opens up more work related opportunities.

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