Why We Must All Fight Back Against Identity Fraud

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Over the course of a single year, there are a great many identity theft cases that will occur here in the United States alone. As a matter of fact, identity theft is so very prevalent that the year of 2017 saw more than 16 million victims of it. In the years that have followed since, it has remained a prevalent issue indeed, to say the very least. Unfortunately, far too few people even realize they have become a victim until quite late in the game, with up to one quarter of all people who are victims of identity theft only actually finding this information out by accident.

Fortunately, however, there are steps that can be taken to protect oneself from identity theft, helping to eliminate – or at least dramatically reduce – the overall chances of experiencing such a thing in your own life. For one thing, it is hugely important to know that there is more than one way in which you can become a victim of identity theft. Understanding just how it can happen can make a big difference in how you are able to protect yourself against it.

For instance, the advent and widespread implementation of the online world has most certainly brought about new channels for identity theft. Many people, however, are becoming more and more aware of this and are taking more and more precautions when they surf the web (so to speak). As a matter of fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than supports this claim. This data shows that by the time the year of 2018 had come around, a full half of all people regularly using the internet here in the United States knew to avoid giving personal information to various websites. Identity theft has become a top concern, and avoiding certain areas of the internet to preserve safety and privacy is something that, for many people, has proven quite effective indeed.

And in today’s growing world, one that is focused so very heavily on matters of technology and how we use these technologies throughout the course of our day to day lives, it is most certainly and important and even critical thing to be able to stay safe while navigating the internet and all of the online platforms that it has to offer. However, it is also important to note that the online world is not the only place where identity theft can and has taken place. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of all identity theft cases still actually occur from paper documents – paper documents that have not been disposed of correctly and in a safe manner.

Unfortunately, document shredding with the use of a level 6 shredder, secure paper shredder, or other high capacity paper shredders has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. The data again is in support of this claim, as this data shows that as much as nearly one full third of all people do NOT shred their documents regularly – even when these documents contain highly sensitive and important information. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware that this is truly a problem. As a matter of fact, up to half of all consumers throughout the United States (or nearly half) have realized that at least some of their habits can pose a security threat when it comes to identity theft (and preventing it).

Fortunately, high capacity paper shredders are becoming more highly utilized than ever before. If you walk into any office space, high capacity paper shredders are likely to be present – or at the very least there will be access to high capacity paper shredders throughout the course of the day. These high capacity paper shredders provide an option for secure paper shredding that is still highly essential, as the majority of all office spaces in the United States still rely – at least to some extent – on paper filing systems. Therefore, protecting vital information – such as customer information – through the use of high capacity paper shredders is an absolute must, to say the very least. The use of high capacity paper shredders can also help to inspire customer trust.

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