Why You Should Hire a Hospitality Designer

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There are two types of interior design: structural design and decorative design. Both are vital to any building: structural design creates a functional space for the room’s purpose, while decorative design uses this space to create a welcoming, attractive environment. Combining the two isn’t always an easy task, and as a result, the interior design industry is extremely profitable, especially in the United States: there are nearly 95,000 interior design businesses in the U.S., which generate an estimated $10 billion in revenue. Moreover, the global interior design industry is expected to grow 19% over the next year. However, if you need interior design for restaurants, hotels, and other features of the hospitality industry, it is recommended that you hire an interior designer that specializes in hospitality interior design in order to make your establishment as functional and appealing as possible.

There are four basic design elements that go into any visual project: texture and color, space, form, and line. However, when it comes to interior design, there are seven design elements that must be utilized: unity, balance, focal point, rhythm, scale and proportion, color and details. Many states require interior designers be certified, licensed, or registered to validate that they understand how to use these design elements. However, creating hotel, bar, or restaurant interior designs differs significantly from residential design. Firstly, in hospitality design, structural design is vital to the success of the establishment: a restaurant layout design, for example, must pay special attention to the placement of the bathroom and the kitchen, two factors that can make or break a restaurant. Secondly, structural and decorative design can help determine whether or not customers visit the restaurant or hotel: studies show that hotel guests are more likely to pay for a comfortable, visually pleasing hotel, meaning that good or bad hotel or restaurant interior designs can help determine whether customers visit in the first place, or return in the future.

Good hospitality design allows guests and customers to feel comfortable and at home in a variety of businesses, such as restaurants, hotels and bars. For this reason, it is important to work with someone who has experience and expertise in bringing an appealing and functional layout and appearance to hospitality businesses. Contact a hospitality designer today to discuss how they can help make your business the best it can be. Find more on this topic here.

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