Why You Should Use Modular Construction to Create Your Next Project

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The use of modular construction is currently on the rise. Because of the many benefits that come with choosing this building option, it can be a great choice for creating your new office or hotel. Whatever the project may be, it’s likely that using modular construction can make it easier.

What is Modular Construction?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, modular construction is when the building materials are taken to an offsite location, such as the warehouse offices of the manufacturing facility, where those materials are constructed into different components or three-dimensional building modules.

After these materials are assembled, they are taken to the building site where they undergo the final construction process. The construction abides by the same building codes that are required for all construction, but the beginning stages of the process simply take place at a different location.

Decrease in the Build Time

The modular method of construction is able to decrease the construction time without impacting the quality of the final product. Because most of the construction time is done in the manufacturing warehouse offices, the amount of onsite building is less. The contained offsite location also prevents outside sources, such as the weather, from causing delays.

Cost Benefits

Using modular construction can decrease the cost of your project in multiple ways. The warehouse offices where the construction of materials takes place uses detailed designs and precise construction equipment. This in turn cuts down on the cost of materials used because there is less waste involved.

Another way that the cost is decreased is because, as stated before, this construction lowers the time it takes to build the final project. This means that the labor costs are also lowered as well.

Focus on Quality Control

Due to the fact that the building materials are stored in a controlled environment after being delivered to the offsite manufacturing warehouse offices, it is easier to maintain quality control. Because of the controlled environment, it is easier to maintain quality standards, reduce imperfections, and keep the items sheltered from the elements.

This will help ensure that your modular office or inplant office meets your high quality standards. Quality is also important to hotel construction, where modular construction is becoming increasingly popular.

Environmental Benefits

As stated before, modular construction decreases the amount of wasted materials. In fact, this type of construction can reduce the waste of materials such as cement, bricks, timber, concrete, wood pallets, shrink wrap, cardboard, and plasterboard by up to 90 percent, as reported by UK based Waste and Resources Action Programme.

Modular construction can also help with energy use. The energy consumption is reduced by 67 percent during the construction process. It is also found that the energy cost is lower latter on.

The next time you are looking to add a portable office wall, build new warehouse offices, or incorporate a clean room partitioning system, look into modular construction. It can save you time and money while delivering high quality materials that help the environment. Modular construction is a great option no matter what your next building project is.

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