With the Money You Save on Gas when You Work From Home, You Could Buy Your Own Office

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New shipping containers for sale

In their eternal quest for affordable office space, some home-based writers and artisans are turning to an unusual solution: new shipping containers, the type that are used to transport cargo around the world, are being installed in backyards and small parcels of land across the country. While some companies do offer both new and used storage containers for sale, many companies are making a concerted effort to connect with small business owners and larger-scale entrepreneurial outfits that are interested in customizing a home office from the ground up.

Customized shelving plans, sturdy windows and doors, hard-wired internet and electricity are all part of the game plan for companies dedicated to transforming the competitive landscape of American office space. While low vacancy rates and a certain restraint when it comes to commercial rental prices continue to drive the commercial real estate market, smaller businesses may lack the financial wherewithal to commit to even the most flexible lease proposal.

Business owners are strongly encouraged to seek the approval of local zoning authorities and to file all applicable permits relating to the installation of an office space on residential property, custom container companies are also actively encouraging clients to choose the layout they need most. A standard office space that may be ideal for a writer may need to be radically re-conceptualized to meet the needs of a furniture builder, for example.

Steel shipping containers are being sold and distributed worldwide as homes, offices, temporary shelters, and creative workspaces for artisans. Established shipping container companies may be well-versed in the process of home office installation. Running a business while supervising a custom build may work for some entrepreneurs’ time frames, but for others, the idea of contracting with an experienced company to deliver new shipping containers may wind up being the more convenient and workable plan.

Making use of low-cost, high-yield building materials may be a boost to small business owners, contractors, and architects. Commercial property owners may find themselves re-thinking their marketing, branding, and building strategies as the demand continues to increase for flexible, useful office space.

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