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How long is your resume in the hands of the first screeners in a company, the recruiters and hiring managers?

If your resume is still being looked at after 10 seconds, you’re already one step ahead of the game. More and more companies sift resumes through their automated systems, and for your resume to be read, it has to be something special.

The internet is responding to needs for those “special” resumes with the ability to add video or multimedia, which represents you and your qualities and skills. More and more job seekers create an online resume to have handy in case the right job suddenly looms in the headlights.

You can create a resume online yourself, of course, or tap into a specialist company that will not only create an online resume for you, but can also add other services to help you manage your job search. Online resume makers can be pretty mechanical, and produce something you might not want representing you. Get some help to create resume online, for your own satisfaction.

When you start to create an online resume, make sure you thoroughly proofread everything. Make sure you highlight your successes and accomplishments. And be honest: the Society of Human Resource Managers has data that show 27 percent of all resumes have some fiction in them. If you lie, even a little, and you’re found out…

Create an online resume as a backstop for your career or as the advance guard for your next job search. When you add photos, samples of your work, build a portfolio online, you create an online resume that becomes a three dimensional view of you and your career.

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