Your Quick-Fact Guide to Staying In Compliance With OSHA Hazmat Training

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Working with hazardous wastes requires special training. Hazardous material training is often tailored for the specific work the employee engages in on the job. OSHA hazmat training details special training for: those transporting hazardous waste; those handling hazardous waste; and those handling the clean up of hazardous waste, etc.

Hazardous waste requires training to be safely handled in any capacity. Because of this, it is imperative for workers to be up to date on their training at all times. Here are the basic facts surrounding OSHA hazmat training.

Who Qualifies as “Handling Hazardous Wastes?”

Hazardous materials training is imperative for the safety not just of the workers, but for the general public as well. So what does that training mean for employees who work with, around, or transport hazardous materials?

What You Need to Know About OSHA Hazmat Training.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, mandates hazardous materials workers to receive at least 40 hours of training generally. Some states do require extra training. Shipping hazardous materials is regulated by the Department of Transportation, which splits hazmat into nine cargo classes. Over 3 billion tons of hazmat is shipped each year. So how are these people really trained?

Why You Need to Understand the Requirements of OSHA Hazmat Training.

The requirements of hazardous materials training is not complicated. The rules are actually fairly straight forward. Every new employee must be certified within 90 days of being hired. They must also be re-certified within 90 days of any job position change.

Once certified, each employee must also be re-certified every three years. The responsibility lies with the worker, but even more so with the employer. This can be accomplished with a information sheet on each employee, or a company calendar with built-in reminders. The highest authority is the one who will be held responsible for employing someone without proper certification after all.

Here Is How You Keep Up to Date On Your OSHA Hazmat Training.

Workers are in luck: it is possible to be re-certified online. Of course, some jobs do require an additional eight hours of hands-on training which clearly must be done in person. For other workers, the online option can fit into an already busy work-life balance. The important point to remember though, is that everyone learns differently. Workers who learn better in-person may desire to go to their refresher course in person.

The base point of hazardous material training is safety. That is what all of the training, certifying, and refresher courses drive home. The safety of the workers is paramount. All the information is just to ensure that the worker will know what to do in any situation that might occur. When you consider it that way, it makes sense to make compliance a priority. Whether you are a hazmat worker of one division or another, or if you are the employer of such workers, keeping everyone up-to-date on training requirements is to the benefit of all.

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