1 Simple Trick To Dominate Corporate Video Production!

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Looking for the #1 DIY trick to corporate video production in 2016?
We live in a digital world, where a few paragraphs of copy just won’t get the job done. You need slick visuals and engaging content that jumps off the page, which is why marketing and web videos have suddenly become so popular. Now that high-speed internet is becoming ubiquitous, people expect dynamic videos that load instantly, whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.
Today, anyone can film cinema quality videos using an iPhone, which contain 8-megapixel cameras. That’s why in boardrooms all over the country, employees are pitching marketing and web video ideas. Bosses are giving marching orders to create business videos that will drive engagement on social media.
So you have an incredible idea for a marketing video for your company? How do you take your idea and turn it into a viral reality?
There’s one simple DIY video production trick you need to know…

Stop. Put the camera down.

No, seriously. Just stop.
We’ll tell you exactly how this will go. You’ll pitch the idea to your bosses, and they’ll love it. You’ll spend hours writing the perfect video script, storyboarding your ideas. You’ll recruit reluctant coworkers to appear in your video.
Even if the shoot goes flawlessly, here’s what you’ll end up with. An unprofessional, poorly-lit video with awkward performers, sloppy edits, and low energy. You’ll put the video online, where you’ll be lucky to top 1,000 views. Your coworkers will tell you it looks great, but you’ll know they’re lying.
It always ends the same. Yes, anyone can theoretically film cinema quality video on a smartphone, but here’s the problem: video production is really, really hard. To do it right, you need the right equipment, including high-definition video cameras, hard drives, tripods, microphones, cables, and lights. You need professional video editing software and the know-how to use it. You need to know how to dress for TV, including picking the best makeup for lights and cameras.
Corporate video production is hard work. There’s a reason so many people pour their blood, sweat, and tears into a DIY video production, and have nothing more than a mediocre, obviously amateur production to show for it. And think about how that reflects on your company?
Would you choose comic sans for your website’s font? Would you put out a print advertisement with typos? Of course not. And we promise, anything less than professional video production is the equivalent of typos written in comic sans font.
If you’re determined to invest in corporate video production for your company, don’t do it yourself! Just don’t. Find a boutique media company in your city with experiencing creating corporate videos.

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