Six Commandments to Follow When Bidding for Government Contract Proposals

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If you are entering the world of government contracting, then there are some rules you must abide from in order to get the most out of your proposal. Here are six commandments to abide by for government contract proposals.

Do not use generic federal contracting proposals.

Back in the day it was okay for federal contractors to use the same proposal over and over again. But, the times have changed. Gone are the days of simple copy and pasting, as it is important to create a proposal that sticks out and will catch the eyes of the selection teams.

Use the government proposal estimates to your advantage.

Chances are, the selection teams have already done their fair share of research when it comes to your project. Use this information to your advantage as you will be able to offer an appropriate bid as those who do not do their research typically offer too much or too little when it comes to contract pricing. Always remember to explain why your approach is relevant to the federal contracting proposals, and how the agency will benefit from your investment.

Take time to think out your technical approaches.

This means thinking through your recruitment and retention methods, avoiding mistaking with affiliation, address in detail how you will complete each requirement, and use project managers to describe the entire process.

Be open about your past

Financial contracting advisers will consider your past contract performances. So, if you are a small to medium sized business then it may be beneficial to work with partners in order to provide a united front.

Know the Who, What, When, Where, and Whys like the back of your hand.

This should be self-explanatory, as no one will listen to you if you are not confident about your proposal. Your proposal should showcase your best technical ability, and you should always want to minimize risk.

Ask questions

Always take advantage of the time given to you to ask and answer questions. This way you will be able to clear up any confusion either of the parties may have. But be wary, do not ask any questions that can give your competition any ideas!

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