3 Important Reasons to Consider Dry Ice Blasting

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In 1955, a cleaning and polishing method was patented known as ice blasting. This type of cleaning doesn’t involve actual ice but instead utilizes the power of solid Carbon Dioxide that is cooled to a temperature nearing -110 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry ice blasting is utilized in various industries for their facilities to have a beautiful factory finish. With that in mind, here are three distinct advantages of dry ice blast cleaning.

  1. Prevents Contamination

    One of the most important dangers for food facilities to remain aware of is contamination. Unfortunately, this contamination for a wide range of reasons. In fact, statistics gathered from the CDC report that one out of six people in the United States gets sick from consuming food or beverages that were contaminated. Considering that, it’s imperative to choose a factory cleaning method that is effective. With that in mind, you’ll find that dry ice blasting helps ensure that many types of factories remain safe from the threat of contaminated product.
  2. No Mess to Clean Up Afterwards

    Unfortunately, certain types of cleaning methods seem to come with their own cleanup needs. That being said, you won’t have to worry about any messes while making use of a dry ice blasting cleaning machine. Dry ice simply evaporates into the air after it is used to clean surfaces. Therefore, your workers don’t have to worry about sand or water all over the place after cleaning commences.
  3. Environmentally Sustainable Cleaning

    It’s important for a business owner to do what is necessary to reduce harmful environmental emissions. Many business owners have made certain operational changes to reduce their overall environmental footprint. However, certain cleaning companies that you’re partnering with might be undoing all of your environmental efforts. Considering that, it’s wise to consider dry ice blast cleaning to give your facilities a factory finish.

Unfortunately, certain companies are unable to use water or sand blasting while cleaning the inside of their respective facilities. Therefore, dry ice blasting is often utilized as a popular and effective cleaning method. If you want your facilities to have a clean and beautiful factory finish, it’s wise to contact a dry ice blasting cleaning service in your area.

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