3 Reasons to Consider Using Nickel Alloys

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Materials containing nickel are extremely prevalent in your life. In fact, research shows that nickel use is growing 4% annually. In addition, the use of stainless steel containing nickel is rising at a rate of about 6% each year. As you know, alloys are known to contain several materials. For instance, you can find up to 6% of both iron and nickel in aluminum bronze alloys. It makes sense to want to learn more about why nickel is so beneficial. Here are three benefits associated with nickel alloys.

  • Protection Against Cracking

    No one wants to deal with materials that crack and corrode. Considering that, it’s wise to think about purchasing nickel alloys. For instance, many people prefer to purchase nickel 718. Nickel 718 is a mixture of both nickel and chromium alloy. In turn, nickel 718 is able to withstand cracking from both sulfide and chloride. Therefore, many companies choose nickel 718 for its extreme durability.
  • Resistant to Electricity

    It’s also important to have items that are resistant to or able to regulate electrical currents. While it’s true that all metal conducts electricity, certain metals can impede electrical flow. These are known as resistance alloys. Fortunately, nickel based alloys are great for the purpose of finding metal that impedes electrical currents.
  • Resistant to Corrosion

    Many companies require materials that are resistant to corrosion. Nickel 405 contains at least 63% nickel alloyed with iron, copper, and other trace elements. This makes nickel 405 great for protecting against corrosion. Therefore, this material is often placed inside of sulfuric acid plants. Nickel 500 also works well in regards to standing up against corrosion.

In closing, there are several wise reasons to choose materials containing large amounts of nickel. If you’re looking for alloys known for resistance to both electricity and corrosion, consider choosing those containing nickel. You’ll find that nickel chromium alloys are known to stand up to temperatures exceeding 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of which metal you need, make sure you purchase these items from a reputable supplier. In turn, you’ll be able to ensure you’re receiving high quality materials. Also, certain reputable metal suppliers will have access to items that are hard to find elsewhere.

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