Why You Should Buy a Condensed Chiller System

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Chillers are important machines in the operations of any industry. In the medical industry, they help to keep some products and equipment that need cooler temperatures running at full potential. They also used in the agricultural industry where they keep the milk cool until it goes to the market. Before buying a cooling system for your business, you need to understand the two types of chillers that exist— air cooled and water cooled.

Air cooled heat exchanger uses the mechanism of blowing warm air from your property and passing it through a set of coils circulating a refrigerant. On the other hand, water-cooled systems send the heat from the air into water. The movement of warm air into water facilitates heat exchange with a series of copper tubes containing refrigerant. Trends show that a considerable number of industries prefer condensed chiller over air-cooled coolers due to the following benefits.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main factors that industries consider when they are buying chillers is energy consumption. Most companies are interested in energy efficient air coolers. Saving energy bills is a major goal of many organizations. However, air-cooled systems are known to be high energy cooling systems, thus scaring buyers away. A condensed chiller is an energy efficient system, which will help you to cool your machines and save on energy.

Safer Humans

Safety of the people working in any industry should be held in high regard. Therefore, any equipment installed in any organization must incorporate high safety standards to cushion workers from any harm. A condensed chiller system is fundamentally safe because it uses non-toxic chemicals. Other central chillers have potentially-hazardous refrigerants that are considered harmful to the workers.

Quiet Operations

A condensed chiller has fewer noises when it is operating because water cooling the air within the room is less susceptible to expansion and contraction. Less noise is essential, especially in rooms where occupants need silence such as schools and hospitals. Air coolers have extensive contractions and expansions due to extreme changes in heat. Drastic expansion and contraction might cause significant mechanical damages, especially in ducts and vents.

Environmental Friendly

With every debate today giving too much attention to sustainability and environmental protection, it is necessary that the heat exchanger design systems in use adhere to environmental protection. An air cooler uses too much energy, which increases carbon footprint while at the same time utilizing some chemicals in the form of a refrigerant. However, a condensed chiller is environmentally friendly because it is uses less energy. It also uses water, which has zero impacts on the environment. Environmentally certified organizations prefer this system because it shows they are responsible for environmental protection.

Longer Lifespan

Water-cooled chillers don’t need regular repair, maintenance, and replacement when compared to air-cooled chillers. These systems are not exposed to outdoor elements such as heat, ice, snow, and rain, which make them vulnerable. Therefore, if you are interested in a cooler that will save you repair and replacement costs, you need to consider condensed chiller. By estimation, a water-cooler system can last for more than twenty years.

Cooling Flexibility

In most cases, heat transfer coils determine the level of cooling you will get in your room. The cooling effect you will be getting might not be the best. Air-cooling systems cannot be adjusted, which means that they operate manually. However, water-cooled chillers have incorporated both automatic and manual operations and therefore, can be adjusted. The level of cooling can be increased or lowered, which makes it the most preferred cooling system.

Chillers are essential systems in homes and for industrial use. However, before choosing the cooling system for your commercial or industrial consumption, you need to analyze the benefits you will be getting. Traditionally, condensed chillers are considered to be energy efficient and flexible, which makes them the most suitable option for industrial use.

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