3 Uses For Bulk Paper Products

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Paper is a huge industry in the United States. There are estimated to be over 4 trillion paper documents just in the United States alone. 92 million metric tons of paper are produced in the United States every single year. With so much paper being used and produced in the United Staes, it’s no surprise to hear that the wholesale paper industry is thriving as well. The wholesale paper market produces a number of important paper products, like wholesale envelopes, wholesale cardstock, and, naturally, wholesale paper. These paper products can be used at a number of institutions, and this article looks at places where bulk paper products can be useful.

  • Schools: If there’s any place that can benefit from buying bulk paper products from a wholesale paper supplier, it’s schools. At any level, from elementary school to universities, schools go through thousands of paper products every single year. Schools can purchase bulk envelopes for mailing out important forms, or bulk paper for use in printing. And by purchasing in bulk, they can regularly keep their paper supply replenished.
  • Libraries: It might not be the first place you think of, but libraries are also an institution that regularly use bulk paper products. Even in the age of email, there are a number of libraries that still send out fine notices or overdue notices by letter. Contacting library patrons via paper letter can require huge amounts of paper and envelopes, which makes them an ideal customer for purchasing bulk paper products.
  • Post Office: Perhaps the biggest customer of all for bulk paper products might be the United States Post Office. Not only do they mail letters and packages around the country and around the world, they also provide a steady supply of envelopes and paper products of various sizes that customers can purchase to mail their items. Since post offices serve millions of people every year, the post office would have to regularly order tons of bulk paper products to keep their supply replenished. By extension, this would be true of any shipping service that regularly mails letters and small packages.

In conclusion, there are several institutions that would greatly benefit from purchasing bulk paper products from wholesale paper suppliers. These include schools at all levels, public libraries, and the United States Post Office. All of these places use large amounts of paper products every year, so they would all greatly benefit from ordering paper products in bulk to keep their supply replenished.

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