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You have not attended very many fancy parties in your lifetime. In fact, as you think back over 55 years of life the only fancy parties you can recall are weddings. Although you have been to some pretty fancy weddings once or twice, it is not easy to remember the details because you was likely wrapped in conversation with your husband, your daughters, and a few close friends.

The truth of the matter is that you are not really much of a party girl, so when you think of the best party you would probably have to say it was your oldest daughter’s high school graduation party. She celebrated with one of her best friends from high school at a local country club. Your husband always told your daughters if they can get a full ride scholarship to college then they can have any kind of party that they want. Your oldest daughter took that to heart. In fact, one of your friends said that that graduation party looked like a wedding. The girls took pictures of their guests as they arrived, created confetti that featured pictures of themselves that they scattered across the table. If you look closely enough in the basement, in fact, you can probably find some left over glitter from the decorations the girls made.

They ordered shimmer cardstock from one of the top wholesale paper suppliers and also ordered wholesale envelopes that they hand addressed to their guests. From beginning to end and top to bottom, it was a party to remember. Fortunately, the wholesale paper suppliers offered prices that helped you save money on both the planning and the presentation.

Party Planning Can Get Expensive

Your youngest daughter is now a senior in high school. Her party plans so far, seven months before she gradates, include an ice cream truck, a breakfast cereal bar, and the Pancake Man. Both your younger daughter and her friend are vegetarians so they want to have a breakfast party of pastries, cereals, and pancakes. She does not yet have a full ride scholarship yet, but her party plans are in full swing. No matter how the scholarship results turn out, you know that you will be encouraging her to also order as many things as she can from the wholesale paper suppliers that her sister used.

These parties are great celebrations, but you do not want to spend more than you need to on the invites, the decorations, and the thank you cards. No matter how fancy the party is!

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