What Your Business Needs to Know About Ecommerce Web Development

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Ecommerce web development doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process. However, it can be a delicate balance when trying to combine your brand’s personality, and the prevailing trends in digital marketing. In order to create a website that consumers will enjoy using, and come back to, here are a few must haves to keep in mind when creating ecommerce websites.

The Must Haves of Ecommerce Web Development

  • Easy to Use. One of the most important aspects of designing a successful website for your business is functionality. If consumers have to spend too much time trying to figure out site navigation, or the buying process they are less likely to return. As an online retailer you have only a minute or so of leeway to make a positive impression. Make sure that item filters, categories, and comparison applications are easy to use, and find on the site. It also helps if user are able to easily access FAQ’s and other customer reviews of items. This can make consumers feel more secure in their purchases, and more likely to return.
  • Eye Pleasing. Having low resolution imagery or graphics on your site can also be a turn of to potential consumers. They want to be able to see high resolution images of the items they wish to purchase, and will be less likely to buy if grainy or pixelated images are the only thing they have to go off of. A web design agency will utilize high definition graphics to ensure that your website is sleek and professional. However, regardless of it you use an agency, keeping in mind that the cleaner and crisper your images, the more favorable you will appear to visitors to your site.
  • Mobile Compatibility. By 2017 Google stipulated that all websites must have mobile browser compatibility or their search engine optimization would suffer. This essentially means that those sites would be less likely to appear in a search done through google, which would make the site harder to get to unless specifically known to consumers. Additionally, 1 in 3 transactions are completed using a mobile device, which means you can be missing out on crucial sales. Mobile functionality is a key part in ecommerce web development, no matter what product or service you’re selling.
  • User Reviews. Touching back to easy to find user reviews, you may be hesitant to allow unfiltered reviews on your site, fearing that negative reviews of a product will lower sales. However, this can actually have the opposite effect. If your website is filled with only positive reviews it could come across as fake and untruthful. No everyone is going to be pleased with a product, and that is okay! Users who are able to read comments from previous buyers can compare reviews and make a more informed decision. Consumers will still purchase items that have negative reviews, especially if the positives points outweigh the negatives. It can also help to add a filter that sorts by reviews, allowing consumers to be easily directed to your more popular and well received items.
  • The biggest thing to remember is that consumers want to know your the real deal. Keeping the user interface sleek and easy to navigate can keep users happy. While allowing users to share their feelings makes your company seem more relatable and transparent.

    To design the perfect website you can go through a digital marketing agency, or web design agency; however, it is still prudent to remember these key elements so that you can direct your team towards maintaining the most efficient and profitable site. Ecommerce web development doesn’t have to be overly complicated, keep in mind the above tips and you can get the most from your new website.

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