4 Benefits of a Hermetic Cable Seal


Standard bulkhead connectors have many uses. However, they may not be an ideal solution for a hermetic feedthrough. Hermetic terminal seals can provide cost and space saving benefits over connectors. These seals are crucial for engineering projects involving systems that must withstand extreme environmental conditions and temperatures. Here are the four top benefits of a hermetic cable seal.

Design Flexibility

A custom hermetic cable seal can meet the exact specifications for your project, even with several cables of different sizes. Bulkhead cable connectors seals often have specific guidelines for the wire gauge and number of conductors. A continuous hermetic feedthrough can be retrofitted for older systems with a custom cable seal. Certain seals can make adding new sensors or instruments to existing chambers. Hermetic cable seals can be bi-directional in sealing vacuum and pressure.

Fewer Electrical Problems

Custom hermetic terminal seals can provide superior performance to eliminate common electrical problems. A voltage drop and contact resistance can occur with a standard bulkhead connector. With electricity traveling at almost seven million miles per hour, you want to have an electrical feedthrough that can deliver reliability and no interruptions.

Space Savings

A continuous cable seal offers space savings over bulkhead seals. This can potentially double the amount of conductors for an opening in a chamber wall or panel. Numerous cables can be combined into a single feedthrough. Protruding parts are eliminated to give better clearance for moving parts. This can be highly beneficial for engineering projects where space causes conflict with design for optimal performance.

Longer Life

A cable feedthrough isn’t subject to the wear and tear that happens with standard connectors. When connectors are repeatedly disconnected and reconnected, it can significantly shorten its lifespan. A hermetic terminal seal can reduce wear and tear for an increased lifespan. This can reduce the need for unnecessary maintenance costs and purchase of replacement parts.

Choosing the best cable seal is crucial for efficiency and cost savings for your engineering project. These cable seals can be used in a wide range of industries and environmental conditions. When engineering a project design, consider using hermetic cable seals to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

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