Taking A Closer Look At Modular Construction – And Why It Matters

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All throughout the United States – and all throughout the world as a whole, for that matter – methods of modular construction are becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, the data gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim. It shows that, as of 2011, there were many uses for modular construction already. Of those who utilized modular construction, nearly half (49%, to be more specific) had used it for various types of healthcare facilities. In addition to healthcare facilities, modular construction was popular for dorms and various other types of college buildings as well, with more than 40% of all respondents stating that this is what they had utilized modular construction for. And another 42% had also used various modular construction methods for the creation of manufacturing facilities and factories. Modular construction methods have even been used in the creation of office building and residential homes, making it a type of construction that has gained a lot of traction in recent years.

It has even become popular for hotel buildings and various hotel chains. The Marriott, a popular hotel chain, provides one great example of this. This is due to the fact that, as of the year of 2017, the Marriott has pledged to incorporate at least 13% modular construction methods in all of its new development plans, at least for North America. And they are only one company to do so, with many others utilizing modular construction methods to at least some extent (though most will still use some traditional methods of construction as well).

But why, exactly, has modular construction become popular for everything from the warehouse partitioning system to homes to hotels to modular office buildings? The answer is a varied one, as there are a great many benefits to using modular methods of construction for even something like a warehouse partitioning system. For one thing, modular construction has become known as a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction methods, whether it is used to create an extensive warehouse partitioning system, modular in-plant office, or other such building or structure.

For one thing, the amount of waste created by modular construction methods is far less than the overall waste found at any given traditional construction site. The use of materials, from cardboard to plasterboard to cement, bricks, and timber, as well as concrete, wood pallets, and shrink wrap, can all be reduced through the use of modular construction methods. As a matter of fact, total waste can be reduced by as much as a full 90% for projects like the creation of a warehouse partitioning system, warehouse office, and beyond.

And while the reduction of physical waste when creating a warehouse partitioning system or other such construction project is most certainly of incredible importance, it is also important to note that the overall amount of energy used in a modular construction project is typically around 67% lower than the overall amount of energy used in the typical construction project that uses traditional methods. And not only is the amount of energy needed to complete the project needed, the end result tends to be more energy efficient as well, saving later occupants of the building money on energy costs as well.

Of course, a big reason to invest in modular construction methods for everything from the warehouse partitioning system to the in plant office to the apartment building is that of cost saving. Modular construction methods have been known to reduce overall building costs by a lot – sometimes by as much as 20%. Even in a worst case scenario (when it comes to cost saving), savings of up to at least 9% are likely to be obtained. At the end of the day, this is quite the impressive amount of money that is being saved, money that can then be redirected elsewhere.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that modular construction methods have become quite important in our world as we know it. In the years that are ahead of us, these methods of modular construction will likely grow even more and more prominent. After all, there are just so many benefits to be had.

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