4 Sign It’s Time to Expand Your Company

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The commercial real estate construction industry is expanding at a rapid rate. Research shows, during 2016 alone, about $76.58 billion worth of commercial properties were built throughout the United States. Considering that, it’s for successful business owners to think about renting these properties for the purpose of expanding their company’s reach. However, it’s understandable to wonder when it’s time to grow your business by finding commercial property for rent. In this post, you’ll learn four signs it’s time to expand by renting additional properties.

  1. You’re Running Out of Storage Space

    One of the main signs it’s time to find buildings for rent is if you’re running out of space. Companies need adequate storage space for a wide variety of reasons. You can use this space for employee’s offices, meeting rooms, and many other reasons. Unfortunately, running out of space leaves you limited in how your company can operate. If things are feeling cramped, it’s time to lease more office space.
  2. Employees Feel Unhappy

    Every business owner knows the importance of having happy employees. Unfortunately, it’s hard for workers to feel this way while only having small amounts of space to themselves. If you’re having this problem, consider finding buildings for rent. In turn, you’ll be able to provide a solution for employees that are tired of sharing what little space they have left. This helps to ensure that your employees remain happy which is always good for business.
  3. Cash Flow is Showing Continuous Improvement

    Cash flow is one of the main ways to measure the success of a company. If your business is maintaining a history of positive cash flow, it’s wise to put this funding to good use. Having steady cash flow easily allows your business to expand. After expanding, this makes it easier for your company to continue enjoying success. Expanding your business doesn’t mean leasing massive properties. In fact, research shows that about 72% of commercial buildings are less than 10,000 square feet. With that in mind, you’ll still have plenty of cash flow to take care of other important business matters. If you’ve been successful for the past few years, it’s time to find buildings for rent.
  4. You Can’t Keep Up with Customer Demand

    Another indicator of business success has to do with customer demand. If the demand for your company’s product or services is surging, this might mean it’s time to expand. By finding buildings for rent, your options are endless. For instance, certain companies lease commercial space to operate call centers for customers. Other companies might use expansion space to store goods for faster deliveries.

In conclusion, there are several signs it’s time to consider business expansion. Many businesses accomplish this goal by partnering with property management companies. Finding buildings for rent is certainly popular throughout America. In fact, research shows that there are currently 405,038 companies in commercial leases throughout the United States. Waiting too long to expand could bring about negative consequences for your company. Instead, contact property managers and enjoy the success that comes with expanding to new locations.

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