Ice blasting solutions and other forms of co2 cleaning

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There are many advantages of ice blasting cleaning. Over the years, it was seen as very useful. It is considered one of the most useful forms of co2 cleaning. Co2 cleaning services are those that use various methods and comprises the use of cleaning and sterilization through out the different phases of carbon dioxide. Co2 cleaning has helped in many fields such as in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and other industries. Here is why it is seen as the most effective overall. This is why the importance of using ice blasting solutions has remained on top, compared to the other forms of co2 cleaning services.

The first patent regarding dry-ice technology was issued in 1947, and has been actively used ever since. Ice blasting solutions continues to be a very meticulous activity, but very powerfully effective. This is the act of using dry ice to clean surfaces. Dry ice blasting uses air compressed between 80 and 90 PSI to blast pellets of dry ice at a high velocity to clean a variety of surfaces. Ice blasting is 100% ecologically safe, and is generally harmless. This is because Carbon Dioxide is 40% heavier than the air we breathe and may change atmospheric conditions if dry ice blasting area is poorly ventilated. But if done correctly, Medical device manufacturers are discovering that cleaning with dry ice can reduce cleaning time by as much as 75%. So many different applications can clean surfaces with dry ice, making this very useful for so many different places overall. It is now being used all over the world in various places of work fields, and a multitude of applications.

On the other hand, ice blasting solutions help with not only with cleaning purposes, but with the prevention of mold and buildup causing infectious diseases. According to the Mayo Clinic 93% of Chronic Sinus Infections have been attributed to mold that isn’t properly taken care of. There are three main types of hazards or contaminants that can cause unsafe surroundings: Biological, chemical, and physical. Biological includes microorganisms; chemical includes cleaning solvents and pest control; and physical means hair, dirt, or other matter. Ice blasting solutions insure that the buildup that would cause this, is destroyed and no longer in the presence of the work space.

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